KEUKEN is a one-day food festival which addresses the issue of utilizations of city's public spaces through the wisdom of the street-inspired culture. Envisioned to question the role of the public spaces and its honest correlation to the challenges of the better urban living, KEUKEN takes place to give you a lookout to experience urban environment unique by way of celebrating the most exciting practice of everyday life within it, eating.

In this second edition, together with eclectic mix of handpicked chefs, artists, entertainers and variety of emerging food tenants from all over the city, the festival will still serve all the luscious excitements to bring people and the city closer together again. KEUKEN is ecstatic to encourage you to get to the bottom of our urban environment, and reveal the critical notions and range of practices concealed beyond its spectacles, through the foods, feast, and a full on festivity.

KEUKEN #2: THE FLAVORSOME INTIMACY. This 26th of February, 2012, all day long, down the Saparua street of Bandung, take a stroll, smell the spices, go slow, mouth-shop it, reclaim the street, eat!

KEUKEN, yang berarti dapur dalam bahasa Belanda, diadakan pertama kali pada bulan Juli di tahun 2011, mengetengahkan satu tema untuk dirayakan bersama: makan.

Dan mengapa, makan? Lagi-lagi hanya festival kuliner dan jajan? Di antara seluruh eksplorasi konsep event dan festival, KEUKEN mungkin tidak terlalu berbicara tentang ide-ide garda depan. Hanya isu yang sedikit meluas, yang tentu tidak berhenti hanya pada pemenuhan kebutuhan perut saja. Tapi lebih pada hal-hal yang ternyata menyenangkan, yang ternyata juga masih menginjak bumi. KEUKEN mencoba mengingatkan hangatnya sebuah pesta di tengah kota; lebih tepatnya, di titik-titik yang seharusnya bisa setiap saat dirayakan sebagai sebuah ruang publik. Memicu rasa-rasa yg sadar untuk mengklaim kembali hak pelaku kota dalam mengapresiasi setiap penjuru ruang lingkungannya—dan merayakannya bersama-sama. Slogannya; reclaim the street, eat.

Harapannya adalah, untuk menanam ide ini kepada seluruh yang tersentuh. Jalanan protokol disulap menjadi satu arena perayaan dengan dua puluh stand makanan dari tenant yang terkurasi secara desain dan tematik. Rentetan program community engagement yang secara khusus mengundang warga sekitaran titik acara. Puluhan koki: profesional, paruh waktu, silang peran, maupun otodidak diundang untuk turut berbagi hingar-bingar dalam pesta sehari penuh ini.

Semoga banyak pelaku kota yang tertarik untuk tersentuh, melambat, kembali tenang. Semoga semua yang keluar dari wajan dan panci dapat mengenyangkan. Semoga, semoga, di waktu lain nanti KEUKEN memicu ide-ide yg lebih lain untuk mengingatkan hal yang sama, bahwa ruang-ruang lingkungan hidup di kota bukan sekedar sarana by-passing saja, mungkin tidak semua segera tahu dan dengan mudah tertarik; tapi, semoga pula kita masih punya waktu banyak.

Keuken#2: The Flavorsome Intimacy, 26 February 2012, Jl. Saparua, reclaim the street, eat!


English / Indonesia
  • Mie Merapi

    Wheat spicy noodles blended with deep burning ice cream

  • Kuma Ramen

    Noodle ramen with authentic Japanese meats, spices and topping

  • Giants Corndog

    American style beef sausage (on sticks) coated in a thick layer of cornmeal butter

  • Risoles Melepuh

    Croquette rolled in breadcrumbs with sweet savory minced meat and shrimps

  • MeCow

    Freshest milk with freshest icey flavor in shakes

  • Hip N Chip

    Specially casted chips seasoned in curry, beef and more

  • Juicide

    Deadly refresher fruit & vegetable juices

  • Dapur Iga

    Prosperous baby beef ribs / thin ribs + rice

  • Lemon Tree

    Clear, cloudy and fizzy homemade lemonade

  • Dapur Long

    Chinese to south east asian-style cuisine

  • Mas Solo

    Fresh beef meatballs in non-preservative original Solo gravy

  • Buzzbizztro

    Pizza, burger, kebab, hotdog, and spicy wings

  • Cocon Snoep

    Nostalgic sweets and snacks, schotels and various klappertaarts

  • Burritoz

    Mexican-style spiced beef and chickens with veggies wrapped in tortilla

  • Pappa Coffee

    Original, fresh roasted coffee and chocolate. Icey and hot

  • Es Kering

    Cold snack in talas, durian, and banana flavours with Indonesian essence

  • Happy Cow

    Original-flavored grilled steaks and specialized Japanese wagyu

  • Krib0

    Five variants of cassava chips & crackers powdered in extra spicy seasonings

  • Happy's Kitchen

    Japanese complete donburi set with yakiniku and combo western delights


  • Tita Larasati & Shinta

    Session: Breakfast

  • Chef Muto (Kungfu Chef)

    Session: Lunch

  • Lukman Gunawan (

    Session: Tea Time

  • Leon (Rumah Legoh)

    Session: Tea Time

  • Acong (Dapur Long)

    Session: Tea Time

  • Nobbie Bottlesmoker

    Session: Date Nite

  • Ipin

    Session: Date Nite

  • Ridwan Kamil

    Session: Lunch

  • Damian Szymkowiak

    Session: Breakfast

  • Anton Ismael

    Session: Date Nite

  • Odie Jamil

    Session: Date Nite

  • Dea Hidayasa (Cascade)

    Session: Breakfast

  • Ranti Puji Agusti

    Session: Date Nite

  • Bandung Cycle Chic

    Session: Lunch


  • Grace Sahertian

    Soul / Jazz / Swing

    Session: Date Nite

  • Teman Sebangku

    Folk Pop

    Session: Lunch

  • Payung Teduh

    Golden 60's / Keroncong / Jazz

    Session: Date Nite

  • Nada Fiksi

    Folk Pop

    Session: Tea Time

  • Rumah Musik Harry Roesli

    Eclectic Percussion Ensemble

    Session: Lunch

  • DJ Melody Garcia


    Session: Tea Time

  • DJ Marine


    Session: Tea Time

  • DJ Ant

    Soul / Funk / Groove

    Session: Tea Time

  • Homogenic


    Session: Date Nite

  • DJ ManmaN


    Session: Lunch

  • Sub Arena

    Dub / Instrumental Hip Hop / Liquid Funk

    Session: Lunch


    Keuken is obliged to honor the site, the given context, and the society a giving back in response to the long term partnership between the event and the particular environment where it takes place. Through its series of events & sub-events, Keuken attempts the audience to engage and appreciate the given site and its local community as the part of the parade. Keuken comes to a function of the urban regeneration mock-up for the attendants meanwhile at the same time it also exhibits the prospective potential of the local-genius to the wider public.

    Since the first signature event, Keuken has initiated profound collaborations over local creative acts and communities in Bandung. This time in KEUKEN #2, we are inviting some other city's bests to celebrate together the streets and the vast open air of the ever famous Saparua, the heart of Bandung's youth creativity and sport since The post-colonial era.

    Supporting our special friends from Open Your (Heart) Studio in fostering creative educations for orphans, setting a retrospective morning gymnastic for local neighborhood to rejoice the morning sweat with Kodam III Siliwangi, or even filling in the hard-scaped spaces with interactive sports in accordance with the historical Saparua sport field function; various related communities will be given their chance to introduce themselves through performances, exhibition and workshops at Keuken #2.

  • Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF)

  • Komunitas Lubang Jarum (Pinhole) Bandung

  • Open Your (Heart) Studio

  • Kodam III/Siliwangi

  • Fruit Carving Kitchen Enhaii

  • Rumah Komik Komikara

  • Earth Hour

  • Roller Manumit

  • Parkour Bandung

  • Luanda Capoeira

  • The Yellow Dino

    Live Painting

  • Tell Them

    Live Painting

  • Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi

    Live Painting

  • Bedlam

    Live Painting

  • Urban Jedi



7.00 AM - 12.00 AM

  • Community Engagement: Senam Siliwangi By Kodam III/Siliwangi Live Cooking By Tita Larasati & Shinta Free Tasting Morning Tea By Teh Kotak DJ Set: Keukeun #2 Mixtape

  • Exhibition By Komikara

  • Mobile Set Cooking Session 1 With Damian Szymkowiak & Dea Hidayasa (Surprise Stove's Chefs)

12.00 AM - 03.00 PM

  • Live Cooking By Ridwan Kamil / Chef Muto (Kungfu Chef) DJ Set: DJ Sub Arena DJ(s) / DJ MANMAN

  • Community Engagement: Tie Dye Apron Workshop By Open Your (Heart) Studio Street Music: RMHR / Teman Sebangku Long Grill BBQ By Gaza Happy Go Lucky Brand Activation

  • Mobile Set Cooking Session 2 With Bandung Cycle ChicStreet Event: Parkour Bandung / Quizumba Capoeira Live Painting By The Yellow Dino / Tell Them / CikCuk Dunia Fantasi / Bedlam

03.30 AM - 06.00 PM

  • Live Cooking By Lukman Gunawan / Leon (Rumah Legoh) / Acong (Dapur Long) DJ Set: DJ ANT / DJ Melody / DJ Marine Tea Time By Teh Kotak Tea Making Workshop Tea

  • Exhibition: Fruit Carving / Pinhole Photohraphy Street Music: Nada Fiksi Long Grill BBQ By Gaza

  • Street Event: Roller Manumit Live Painting By The Yellow Dino / Tell Them / CikCuk Dunia Fantasi / Bedlam

06.30 PM - 09.00 PM

  • Live Cooking By Nobie Bottlesmoker / Ranti Puji Agusti / Ipin / Anton Ismael DJ Set: Homogenic

  • Street Music: Grace Sahertian / Payung Teduh Special Apprearance By Urban Jedi Long Grill BBQ By Gaza

  • Mobile Set Cooking Session 3 With Odie Jamil


  • Surprise Stove #1

    Cikapayang, Dago

    by Chef Gianni Porto (Gianni's Cafe)

  • Surprise Stove #2

    Car Free Day Jl. Merdeka

    by Chef Natya & Grahito

  • Surprise Stove #3

    Jl. Braga (Braga Park(ing) Day)

    by Chef Masbro, JongArsitek!, We Made This Stuff & Maicih

  • Surprise Stove #4

    Jl. L.L.R.E Martadinata, Bandung

    by DJ Melody & Juicide

  • Surprise Stove #5

    Jl. Sukamulya Indah 6/5

    by Risa Saraswati, Marshella Safira, Egi Anggarda & We Made This Stuff

  • Surprise Stove #6

    Kemang, Jakarta ("Rumah-Rumah Tanpa Pintu" exhibition)

    by Chef Syafril Zulmy, jongArsitek!

  • Surprise Stove Singapore

    Haji Lane - Singapore

    by FIVEFOOTWAY x jongArsitek!

  • Surprise Stove: Keuken x Cafe Halaman

    Car Free Day Dago, Bandung

    by Damian Szymkowiak

Surprise Stove

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